Taste of Arby’s in Fort Greene; Another Wine Bar, Burger Joint

Flo notices the new wine and drink lounges Rob and Robin mentioned, adds Unwined at Symphony Space to the mix. [NYT]

Foie-foe councilman says it wasn’t a constituent’s call that made him think twice about proposing a ban. [VV]

Bar Martignetti and its secret-ish underground lair now open to anyone who can’t get into La Esquina. [Thrillist]

Self-promotion will not be tolerated on Chowhound (says Chow’s blog). [Chow]

Burger joint with Arby’s-esque fries opens in Fort Greene. [A Hamburger Today]

Snack calls out "Page Six" for poaching its item about Union Square Cafe in Tokyo. [Snack]

The Post hears about "new" Myst nightclub, apparently forgetting they reported on a knifing there weeks ago. [NYP]

Advice on things not to say to your waiter: "’What’s the difference between Blue Point and Kumamoto oysters?’ Fucking google it later and don’t embarrass yourself." [Gawker]