Eat Truffles, Ease Your Shut-In Grammy's Misery

Appetizing.Photo: Kelly Cline

If news that P. Diddy can't get enough white truffles at Daniel hasn't got you hankering after them and if his habit of demanding that his server "shave this bitch," as Eater noted, doesn't inspire you maybe altruism will. Daniel Boulud bought two baseball-size mushrooms at a Citymeals charity auction this past weekend for $6,000 and is donating the proceeds from the dishes he serves them with to the same charity. And what are those dishes? Simple, neutral landing pads for the magic mushroom: creamy risotto with Parmesan emulsion; spaghetti alla chitarra with fontina cream; and gnochetti with porcini confit and arugula. They go for a whopping $250 each, but since it costs Citymeals just $5 to feed one homebound, elderly New Yorker, you know the money will go a long way. And you won't have to feel quite so bad about not visiting Grammy in the Bronx.