Gordon Ramsay Trying To Be Nice for NYC – and Failing

Already in his straitjacket.Photo: Alpha Photo Press Agency Ltd/Corbis
Gordon Ramsay, the famously testy British gastro-deity and Hell’s Kitchen TV star, is trying to play nice as the opening of his new restaurant in Manhattan, London NYC, approaches. (The first meals will be served November 17.) The only problem is that Ramsay’s wrinkled lip and sneer of cold command still cut through. A piece in the Independent quotes Ramsay as having told an American interviewer, "I’ve already been warned. The moment I touch down at the airport I get put in my straitjacket and I go straight to the management skills manual to learn how to ask a kitchen porter to wash out a copper pan for me."

Ramsay turns nice guy in bid to win over New Yorkers [Independent]