‘Fast Food Nation’: Will It Change Our Life?

"Set them on fire, ring the doorbell, and run away!"Photograph by Patrick McMullan

David Edelstein's review of the narrative adaptation of Fast Food Nation, directed by Richard Linklater, makes us want to see the movie — though we're not making any plans for dinner afterward. (We'll probably limit it to a kosher dog outside the theater.) Edelstein says the film "penetrates to the feces-ridden heart of the vile, gruesome abomination of nature that is the average burger-chain burger, [and] … dramatizes the ways in which the industry has permeated, desecrated, and poisoned everything in this culture, from the economy to the environment to the treatment of animals to the health and lives of its workers." Strong stuff! Possessing as we do a body largely built of fast food, we think this will be a major wake-up call, though not one we expect to be especially profound or life-changing — we wake up every morning, after all. Still, we don't think anyone can afford to ignore it.

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