Davids Chang, Burke Now in Convenient Video Form

Chang, Burke work.Photos: Caroline Shepard
Maybe you’ve thought about trying the high-flown recipes dreamed up by chefs David Burke and David Chang for our package on holiday entertaining (which you can check out here): Burke’s scrambled eggs with lobster and caviar and Chang’s spring rolls. But hey, that would involve reading. Wouldn’t you much rather watch the men at work and perhaps follow along at home? If you answered yes, then have we got the thing for you: videos, not much longer than your average pop song, showing the guys throwing together the foods in their kitchens. The camera captures both chefs’ personalities: Chang serious as a deacon, Burke gruff but good-natured — and ready with the wry comment on the pain and suffering of lobsters. Great stuff, courtesy of our own culinary editor, Gillian Duffy.

David Chang’s shrimp spring rolls
David Burke’s scrambled eggs with caviar and lobster