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Crisco Czar Lightens Up, Cuozzo Requests Bans of Everything But Trans Fat

Eater tries every which way of getting into the Waverly Inn short of just barging to a table. [Eater]

Lard czar admits eateries have "valid concerns." [NYP]

Cuozzo tells the city to ban transsexuals, not trans fats. Seriously. [NYP]

Eaters turning to small, local farms; Willie Nelson presumably psyched. [NYT]

Bruni ponders the meaning of "market price," chats with Danny Meyer "for a good 10 minutes without a moment of tension." [NYT]

Blogs buzz over the City Bakery bread that need not be kneaded. [Chow]

"Bordeaux guy" (and New York Magazine contributing editor) Jay McInerney, spotted at Cafe Cluny last night, likes his zins too. [NYS]

On West 28th Street: Crobar to shutter? [NYP]

On West 29th Street: Will the real Stereo please stand up? [NYP]

* Correction, November 17, 2006: The no-knead bread is made by Jim Lahey at Sullivan Street Bakery, not City Bakery as originally stated.


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