Batali and Ramsay Serve Feet to Own Mouths; the Demise of Krispy Kreme?

Mr. Nasty disses Keller and Robuchon, says the grub’s better in London, tries to poach Ducasse’s staff, and admits he’s "f****** shitting" himself. [Sunday Times of London]

Clearly, he’s "not looking to take New York by storm." [The Independent]

Batali and landlord get into a pissing contest of sorts. [Gawker]

Klee’s and Kyotofu’s menus unveiled; Freitag gives Gusto a menu makeover. [Strong Buzz]

"The corner of West 12th and West Fourth Streets is one that cabbies will have to get used to." [NYT]
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Would a trans-fat ban put the kibosh on Krispy Kreme? [NYP]

Monkey-arm purveyor meets the long arm of the law. [NYP]