Andrea Strong on Reproduction, Grits; Internet Buying for Foodies

Andrea Strong and entourage dine at Porchetta: "If I ever reproduce, I am considering naming my kids pancetta, ricotta and egg." [The Strong Buzz]

Strong, in her non-blogging capacity at the Post, surveys grits in New York. [NYP]

The Daily News lays out a no-frills Internet shopping guide for foodies. [NYDN]

Restaurant Girl hits Klee Brasserie and Ramsay’s London Bar. [Restaurant Girl]

Bruni essays the Waverly Inn’s "coy and misleading" soft-opening pantomime. [NYT]

Leuzzi passes along a pro–foie gras manifesto, pretends to be impartial, though her readers no doubt know where her sympathies lie. [Snack]