Mr. Nasty Throws Open the Phone Lines; Mr. Hospitality Throws Punches

In today’s dining dirt, barbecue comes to Fort Greene and Mr. Hospitality brings the pain.

• Danny "Mr. Hospitality" Meyer ponders hugs, serves up a knuckle sandwich. [Esquire]

• Gordon "Mr. Nasty" Ramsay opens up the lines; a feeding frenzy ensues. [Eater]

• Pushcart-prize finalists announced. [Street Vendor Project]

Picholine buddies open up a Fort Greene smoke joint serving up "real NYC barbecue." Whatever that is, exactly. [Strong Buzz]

• On a sobering note, Michael Pollan forecasts the dangers of centralized food production and the specter of increased regulation in the veggie world: "Food poisoning has always been with us, but not until we started processing all our food in such a small number of ‘kitchens’ did the potential for nationwide outbreaks exist." [NYT]