News Flash: Masa Is Expensive; David Burke Gambles in Vegas

From the clandestinely costly to the unabashedly so, the latest industry news is all about the Benjamins.

Zagat opens the lid on hidden fees like Del Posto's "straight up" martini charge. [Zagat]

Forbes runs down the country's priciest restaurants (Masa, of course, is No. 1). What they don't tell you is that the picks are apparently limited to one per city or Per Se, Alain Ducasse, Gilt, Kuruma Zushi, and Daniel would've made the list. [Forbes]

The Hallo Berlin cart raises its prices (Dictator Special now $9). [Midtown Lunch]

The Met's Grand Tier Restaurant lets in the unwashed masses (well, Lincoln Center patrons, anyway). [NYS]

David Burke: Vegas, baby, Vegas! [Nation's Restaurant News]