The Ultimate Halloween Candy: Boozy, Delicious, and Boozy

Secret ingredient: Augustus Gloop.Photo: courtesy Chocolat Michel Cluizel

Chocolat Michel Cluizel, at the ABC store, is not for children or the fainthearted. Unlike Max Brenner, a few blocks to the south on Broadway, there isn't a festive vibe nor are there any novelty items like "The Bald Man's" chocolate pizza. The signature item at Michel Cluizel is as serious as a heart attack: the chocolate-covered Morello cherry, which you must be 21 to sample there's so much kirsch, or cherry brandy, in each one that the store was forced to obtain a liquor license to carry it. The cherry pit, stem, and all is cured for nine months in the stuff, and there's more still inside the intense blended chocolate shell. Candy that doubles as a cocktail? Never mind all year: We've been waiting for this our whole life.