Secretive, Cultish Gourmands Aim to Convert New Yorkers

The Ghetto Gourmet: pirate gastronomyPhotograph by Lauren Hoernlein
The Ghetto Gourmet, an unfortunately named "restaurant without walls," has been putting on underground dinners cooked by professional chefs in the Bay Area for years. The movement comes to New York November 14 through 16, where, in a break with tradition, the meals will most likely be served at a restaurant, Monkey Town. (Usually the events are more like parties, with people sitting on pillows in someone’s home.) You can buy into the phenomenon for $60 and sample the work of two non-executive chefs, employed by major city restaurants we agreed not to name, following their own impulses. "People at our events aren’t held together by a place or a menu or a chef or a signature cocktail," says Ghetto Gourmet founder Jeremy Townsend. "It’s an urban tribe, a community, based on a single unique, irrepeatable event." Sounds great, though we might pass on the Kool-Aid course.

The Ghetto Gourmet (scroll down for event links)