Are City Slickers Cheating Tim Love?

Tim Love: "Add a million, carry the nine, and ... dang!"Photo courtesy Lonesome Dove Western Bistro

Is Tim Love getting screwed? According to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram profile, the cowboy-hatted celebrity chef, who recently moved from Texas to New York, signed a ten-year, $10.2 million lease on the space for his new Lonesome Dove Western Bistro on West 21st Street. The reviews aren't in yet on the food (though Rob and Robin did publish a glossary of his exotically named dishes), but we'll vouch that the room is nothing to write home to Fort Worth about: It's fairly narrow, not much to look at, and facing a Flatiron side street without a precedent for restaurant success or even much pedestrian traffic. We asked Picken Real Estate founder Alexander Picken, who specializes in nightlife and restaurant realty, to tell us what he thought: "Based on what I saw, that figure is outrageous at least three to four times what he should be paying." We dearly hope Love succeeds, but it sounds like he would have done better playing three-card monte in Times Square than signing that lease.

"Can Love Conquer All?" [Fort Worth Star-Telegram] (registration required)