Soup Nazi Ladles Out Ego; DiSpirito Waits Tables; ‘Top Chef’ Swimsuit Edition

• Public hearing reveals support for trans-fat ban and printing of calories on fast-food menus. [NYT]

• And KFC makes it official: minimal trans fats by April — coincidence? [NYS]

• Soup Nazi ponders a self-glorifying museum at the site of his original store. [NYO]

• Alerting us to video restaurant reviews, Andrea Strong somehow fails to nod to America’s Amusingest Food Videos. [NYP]

Public opens a wine bar; another izakaya, this one with buttons at the table to summon waiters; gourmet pizza on Bedford Avenue. [Strong Buzz]

• Rocco DiSpirito waits tables with Gilbert Gottfried. (A benefit, not our dream reality show.) [NYP]

• Batali goes bi-coastal: Pizzeria Mozza finally open. [Chowhound]

• Absolut, Bacardi, and other reformed booze bizzies fork over $2.3 mil to end Spitzer probe. [NYS]

• "Top Chef" Marisa busts out the bikini. [Chow]