Exotic Dessert (Supposedly) Enrapturing New Yorkers

Kulfi pop: the shape of things to come?Photo: Everett Bogue
We’re not usually in the habit of perusing Indian news media — other than when the latest Amitabh movie opens, of course — but a food item recently caught our eye. Most New Yorkers probably have never heard of kulfi, the ultradense Indian version of ice cream that’s traditionally made with water-buffalo milk. But don’t tell that to Mumbai Newsline, which published an exuberant feature last week on how the obscure dessert is supposedly taking the city by storm. The piece references a handful of NYC’s outstanding Indian and Pan-Asian restaurants, including Dévi, Spice Market, 66, and Tabla, and goes into loving detail about the restaurants’ particular recipes. Although the writer admits that "the man on the street" isn’t yet fixated on the treat, the piece implies that a kulfi craze may well overtake the nation: "Are we looking at the next popsicle?"

Let’s hope so — for Mumbai’s sake.