What to Eat at Corkbuzz’s New Chelsea Market Outpost

Cured sardines.Photo: Melissa Hom

Master sommelier Laura Maniec opens her second location of Corkbuzz tonight in Chelsea Market — specifically, near the 15th Street entrance. It's a wine bar, first and foremost, but the food menu is quite different from the original Union Square location. A Voce alum Missy Robbins has collaborated with Maniec on dishes like veal tartare with lardo, a foie-gras-and-jelly sandwich, cured sardines with tomato conserva and sesame, and to-go snacks for long walks on the High Line. (Robbins is only onboard temporarily, though.) There's already a third location in the works: Maniec will open Corkbuzz 3.0 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Take a look at a few of the dishes and the space, straight ahead.

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Grub Street’s Restaurant Power Rankings: Bar Sardine, a New Corkbuzz, and More

Photo: iStockphoto

Each week, Grub Street surveys the entire restaurant landscape of New York, crunches the numbers, and comes up with this: a list of the most-talked-about, must-visit places in the city. They might be new, or they could be older places that have gotten a recent jolt of buzz. No matter what, these are the restaurants where you should make a point to eat sooner rather than later.

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Dunkin’ Donuts Will Sic More Aggressive Cashiers on Afternoon Customers

Perhaps a bagel with that doughnut?

In an interview today, Dunkin' Donuts CEO Nigel Travis basically gave the chain's customers advance notice to prepare for all kinds of pitches and spiels the next time they pop in for their mid-afternoon Coolatta. Unlike the morning crowd, who prefer quickly delivered coffee and carbs and to get the hell out, Dunkin's afternoon customers "are in a slightly different mode," he says, which the chain now hopes will translate into more turkey sausage sandwiches and other items to offset rising prices. Doughnuts will migrate from the racks behind the counter up front into conspicuous, miniature pastry cases, the idea being that proximity to rainbow sprinkles wears away customers' self-restraint, and we're sure someone's also done a behavioral study on the optimal way to up-sell Munchkins. "Franchisees are kind of excited about it," Travis says. [AP/PPH]


Angry Tweeting Chef Will Develop His Own Kitchen Nightmares-esque Show

Going places.Photo: Bravo

Dallas chef John Tesar, of recent enraged-Twitter-meltdown fame, has signed a deal with a production company to assemble a show in which he makes "Gordon Ramsay style visits to restaurants and helps them improve their game." However, Tesar says he's not looking to follow in Ramsay's screaming, fear-inducing footsteps, but rather come off as more of a nurturing role model, and — of course — address things like the "decreasing impact" of professional food critics. "It would be me going to a restaurant and help fix it up, but I want it to be interesting and not just a guy who yells in a kitchen," he says, adding that he also needs to "do a few preliminary things like get with an entertainment attorney." [CultureMap Dallas, Related]

Let’s Talk About This Cake Batter That Comes in a Spray Can

These are for the oven.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that people are way excited about Spray Cake, an aerosolized can of on-demand organic cake batter invented by two Harvard undergrads, Brooke Nowakowski and John McCallum. Its instructions are simple — "Just add heat" — and the product stays "fresh," meaning you can have insta-cupcakes for weeks if you ration it out. Cakes cook in a minute and cupcakes take less time; you can use the microwave or a conventional oven and it's really that simple, as the start-up's ad demonstrates through the power of interpretative dance.

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5 More Things You Need to Know About the NoMad Bar’s Cocktail Explosions

Bring some friends.Photo: Bobby Doherty/New York Magazine

Earlier today we took a look at what goes into one of Leo Robitschek’s Cocktail Explosions — the large-format Big Gulps served in supersize spigot jars filled with crushed ice. (For the drink that Robitschek calls a Madison Park Smash, pictured, that would be eight ounces of Pierre Ferrand cognac, eight ounces of Royal Combier liqueur, six ounces of lemon juice, two ounces of Demerara syrup, about an ounce of Angostura bitters, and 200 ounces by volume of crushed ice, not to mention six lemons and a quarter pound of mint for garnish.) Not exactly a quick one for the road. Here’s the NoMad drinks czar himself to further explain the thing.

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Watch Mario Batali and Jimmy Fallon Pal Around on the High Line

Mario Batali has a new Hulu show that has so far taken the chef onto a shuffleboard court with George Stephanopoulos and onboard an aircraft carrier with Anthony Bourdain. Now, The High Road meets up with Jimmy Fallon at Manhattan's High Line. Watch as Fallon discusses the virtue that comes from boiling food before the pair plays mini-golf for money.

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Subway Inn Will Close Next Month

Since 1937.Photo: Carmen Lopez

As intimated earlier, the 77-year-old Subway Inn will indeed close — as soon as the middle of next month — but its owners say they will move and reopen somewhere else. The dive bar, along with its classic red neon signage, is part of a grouping that will likely be demolished by a real estate developer and replaced with a new building. "We are sad to inform you that Subway Inn will be closed for business on or about the 15th of August," the dive posted this morning on Facebook. "That's not to say we aren't opening another location. Subway Inn WILL be [sic] relocate." The full message, straight ahead.

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These Simpsons-Themed Wine Bottles Are Pretty Special

Aged for 26 years — get it?Photo: Courtesy of Constantin Bolimond

Homer Simpson once flirted with Outsider Art, but the doughnut-scarfing dad probably never gave much thought to Mondrian. Nonetheless, those are the high- and lowbrow influences united here in one super-sleek Simpsons homage by Russian designer Constantin Bolimond. On the back label of this design project, the designer warns of the contents, "May be it is wine, may be not." Whatever's inside, the 1987 vintage is a nice nod to the year The Simpsons debuted as a "bumper" on The Tracey Ullman Show. [Behance via Kinja]

Rice Burger Shop Will Open in the East Village

They may look something like this.

One intrepid chef already made New York safe for hamburgers with buns made out of ramen noodles, so it shouldn't be too much of a stretch to say that people will likely be excited to try burgers that have steamed and grilled rice patties instead of bun halves. Yonekichi opens August 18 in the minuscule former Otafuku space at 236 East Ninth Street and will offer rice burgers with six to seven different fillings, from chicken meatball to eel to avocado, with prices ranging from $7 to $11. "We don't want this to be just a craze; I think it'll be something that people see as an alternative to regular burgers and a little bit healthier," says manager Sakura Yagi. [Bedford + Bowery]


This 8-Drink Megacocktail Takes 2 Bartenders 7 Minutes to Make

It takes two bartenders working like a ­NASCAR pit crew to put together one of the large-format “cocktail explosions” at the new NoMad Bar: One packs ice and garnish into a spigot-equipped glass vessel that wouldn’t look out of place filled with sweet tea on some southern antebellum porch; the other builds the drink using two shakers. Seven minutes later, a supercolossal eight-drink megacocktail emerges—the Madison Park Smash, bar director Leo Robitschek’s own creation, is one of several on offer. Robitschek recommends that you only attempt to tackle a cocktail explosion when in the company of five to seven fellow revelers. But four seasoned lushes chugging along at a steady clip, we’ve discovered, works out just fine.

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Hearth’s Weekly Lobster Boils; Sun Noodle Pop-up at Louro

• Starting July 27, Hearth will host weekly lobster boils every Sunday until August 31. The three-course, $68 per person meal is family-style and will include tomato and watermelon salad, smoked bluefish paté, a lobster pot with one-and-a-quarter-pound lobsters for each guest, and peach cobbler for dessert. To reserve seats, call the restaurant. [Grub Street]

• On Monday, August 4, Louro will host a one-night-only Sun Noodle ramen pop-up. The $55 per person menu includes nigiri sushi, a shrimp cake slider, surf and turf-style ramen, and more. The pop-up is BYO beer and wine, but two complementary glasses of sake will be provided. The tickets have sold out, but may become available as cancellations allow. [Grub Street]

Betony will serve a whole loup de mer (fish), stuffed with herbs and presented with a trio of sauces, that feeds two generously on Sundays for only $85. Betony will also host a guest chef "Produce Playoff" dinner on August 18 with David Nayfeld, formerly of Eleven Madison Park, with an eight-course, $95 prix fixe menu. Reservations here. [Grub Street]

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Eastern Pennsylvania’ Real Speakeasies Sound Really Depressing

Yeah, it was nothing like this.

New Yorkers who still wait an hour to pass through a hidden door in a pretend phone booth for some expertly made pre-Prohibition cocktails may be jazzed to learn that bona fide speakeasies routinely materialize just across state lines, or, at least in eastern Pennsylvania, but they actually sound kind of miserable: State police say they infiltrated and raided an otherwise unassuming Spanish restaurant, which was located right under Reading City Hall's nose; offerings included no Manhattans but plenty of joyless $1 shots of unidentified liquor, seven-ounce beers retrieved from an under-the-table cooler, and copious amounts of generic malt liquor. In all, authorities say they seized 25 gallons of beer, a liter of liquor, and the speakeasy's one-night haul of $158.25, or roughly three P.D.T. drinks and two Crif Dogs with tater tots on the side. [Eagle]

Eataly’s Rossopomodoro Pizza Plans Stand-alone West Village Location

A thing of beauty.Photo: Eataly NYC/Facebook

Looks a lot like the West Village space that was formerly Lyon and the subsequent, more short-lived Cole's Greenwich Village will next become a stand-alone location of Rossopomodoro Pizza, a chain that prizes ingredients like Caputo flour straight from Naples and whose current U.S. presence is limited to partnerships at Eataly Chicago and its New York City flagship. A reader alerts Grub to new life in the space, and a liquor license application on file with the SLA lists Rossopomodoro as the incoming operator, as well as Simone Falco, the chain's president and CEO. It's not yet known if Rosario Granieri, the pizza-maker who opened Eataly's Rossopomodoro, is involved with the new one, but in either case this is a major development for pizza in the neighborhood, as well as a completely new direction for the space. [Related]

Reminder: You Can Basically Get Everything on Veselka’s Menu and Spend Less Than $10 Tonight

Pancakes and applesauce, too.

In just a few minutes from now, East Village institution Veselka will roll back all prices on its original, circa 1954 menu for 54 minutes exactly in honor of its 60th anniversary. This means $1.50 pierogies, 50-cent potato pancakes, 25-cent egg creams, and lots more — order everything and it's $8.40, pre-tip. Management has already confirmed the restaurant will repeat the blintz blitz at least once more in the weeks ahead, but this inaugural celebration nonetheless promises to be something of a Polish food frenzy, or at least we thought — we're told there's no apparent queue outside the restaurant, as of now at least. "I'm pretty sure it's going to be busy," a worker answering the phone told us, "but you never know what's going to happen." [Related]

Ramen Burgers and Dough’s Doughnuts Among This Year’s Vendy Award Finalists

Hooray for Dough's doughnuts!Photo: Dough/Facebook

The Vendy Awards this morning announced its five finalists for three out of five categories in advance of its tenth annual gala event, which takes place in September. Among the nominees, it looks like Keizo Shimamoto's formidable Ramen Burger will go up against the Rockaway-based upstart Bolivian Llama Party and three other contenders in the Best Market Vendor, which celebrates the "re-imagining the sourcing and consumption of traditional street food." The rest of the nominees are straight ahead.

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Start Prepping Now for a Possible Global Kale Shortage

Gather ye cruciferous leaves while ye may, and all that.Photo: Shutterstock

The kale business is beyond booming in Australia, where demand for seeds has apparently overtaken supply, and the abrupt growth of orders for the leafy crucifer has now outstripped what farmers are able to produce in the fields, be it Tuscan or curly, by far. "A worldwide kale shortage is here at last," Modern Farmer announces, death knell set to reverb.

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This Banned Captain Morgan’s Ad Doesn’t Seem So Bad

Hear, hear!

England's Advertising Standards Authority, an agency akin to the Federal Trade Commission, has come to the aid of poor Facebook users who, besieged by this innocuous-seeming Captain Morgan's ad, couldn't determine if the troublemaking "Captain and crew were celebrating the end of mid-week boredom, achieved through coming together," or more insidiously implied that a rum-fueled get-together "could overcome boredom and was capable of changing mood" — clearly a fine line, even for a Facebook wall posting that likely took two minutes for a Captain Morgan's intern to bang out. Though producer Diageo argued this one was just one of many, many more Facebook posts, several of which encouraged responsible drinking, the company was forced to take it down. [Spirits Business]

A Miami Diner That Stands As a Civil-Rights Pioneer Will Close Today

Jumbo's, circa 1956Photo: Jumbo's Restaurant/Facebook

For 60 years, Jumbo's has been frying chicken and catfish for hungry people, celebrities, elected officials, and late-night clubgoers in one of Miami's toughest neighborhoods. Though it has a solid food-world reputation, Jumbo's came to fame by blurring Deep South color lines as a result of becoming Miami's first restaurant to integrate back in 1966. It was the first to hire black employees, and now it's one of the last of that era to close. Today is its last day in business.

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Endless Houston Street Construction Is Also Threatening Katz’s Deli

This happened also.

Ongoing East Houston Street roadwork has stifled business as usual at cheap eats destination Punjabi Grocery & Deli, and directly across the street, even the formidably larger, tour-bus-serviced Katz's Delicatessen says it's starting to feel the effects of the multitiered construction project. Manager Jake Dell claims that water main replacement work has made it harder for customers to get into the restaurant, literally, as crews continuously tear into and patch up sections of sidewalk directly outside, and at other moments water service is turned off altogether. [Lo-Down, Related]


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